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Open Source

This text is an Open Educational Resource (OER), responding to the growing movement for Zero Cost Course Materials at SFSU, and the need to lower the costs of higher education in any way we can to provide equity and inclusion for everyone regardless of socioeconomic privilege. In addition, as an OER, this text is available far beyond one course and adaptable to students’ needs throughout their careers.


To minimize cost and maximize new learning technologies, while being mindful of various learning styles and individual needs, we have integrated various modalities and reading practices through our text, including lots of visual images and video, as well as links to external digital resources.

Zan on Unsplash.com, twitter.com/zanilic

To make reading engaging, this text provides short writing prompts as you read – using the hypothes.is extension to annotate your responses – in order to frame reading and writing as a conversation that sometimes starts with the authors’ ideas — but importantly always involves your own ideas as well as you create meaning through the reading process. Get Started with your free hypothes.is account to annotate this text and any other open source on the web.

About Us:

Dan and Jolie are colleagues in the English Department at San Francisco State University. Through our work we connect with various members of the campus community to give our students the best opportunities to learn, and teach, based on establishing community with them.

More About Us

SFSU English Department

To inquire, contribute, and collaborate:

email Dan at dcc123@sfsu.edu

email Jolie at jolie@sfsu.edu

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