Chapter 3: page 16

Chapter 3: The Writing Process

chapter written by Jolie Goorjian

with contributions from Nick Sousanis of SFSU Comics Studies

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Creating Your Writing Process

Thank you, Dan! Hello again! It is I, Jolie to walk you through the next part of your journey with us, the recursive—that is, a process than can be used repeatedly—writing process. Now that Dan has taken you through the reading process, before I take you through these steps, let me share with you what you will learn from engaging with the writing process.

Chapter Learning Objectives

As you read and work through the activities in this chapter you will:

  • Consider and reflect on your writing process by reading about the steps writers take as they write for academic and professional purposes
  • Learn about and review the various steps of the Recursive Writing Process
  • Practice and experiment with the experience of your the writing process, expanding or creating your writing process as you complete parts of the course assignments

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